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DL-2613 CNC woodworking center (cabinet/wood/chest/custom furniture)
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This equipment with round software can seamless docking, effectively improve the efficiency of equipment, implement product processing digital and automation.
1.automatic processing to improve equipment utilization
Generated automatically by the graphics machine can identify processing instruction, put the board processing, the machine time is almost zero; In the realization of digital and automation of product processing, on the basis of restructuring to generate design process, to realize the seamless connection of CAD/CNC, for CNC equipment universal efficient operation.

2.seamless, comprehensive improve the ability of CNC machining
System automatically generate nc code, the programming time close to zero, also need not try processing and measurement calibration, high precision, machinable 600-600 pieces of different plate thing every day. (equivalent to 6 to 8 production efficiency three rows of drill)

Performance characteristics:

1.XYZ triaxial adopts screw transmission, Taiwan imported screw, high precision.

2.all steel lathe bed, Tui fire treatment, not out of shape. Adopt gantry structure, mesa, higher precision, structure more reasonable.

3.bit part adopts imported Italian bit. Four five longitudinal cross at 9; X/Y horizontal drilling, the bidirectional each one, a total of four; 1 X/Y to the saw blade, a total of 2. (can according to the customer demand customization)

4.the main shaft adopts 7.5 KW Columbus Italian power spindle. Eight knife library (hat)

5.mesa adopts modular combined vacuum adsorption, with German shells, vacuum pump, the performance reached similar imported products. Don't need to cutting sheet processing, cutting can launch, convenient loading and unloading of materials.

6.automatic lubrication system, maintenance free.

7.the machine can function widely, engraving, cutting, drilling, drilling side punch, the bottom edge, such as industry, widely used, suitable for the furniture industry, wood processing industry, plate processing and other industries.

Technical parameters:



Working Zone:(X Y Z)


Cutting accuracy



Italy HSD 9KW ATC spindle

Boring Unit


Working table

Modularity vacuum table

Working speed


Command Code

G code

Tools shank specification


Tools storage capacity


Tools storage form

Umbrella TYPE ATC

Driving system

Japan servo motor

Control system

Taiwan Syntec




















Note: the above parameters are subject to changes without prior notice

Attention ifurther notice of any changes in technical parameters strategized gven


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