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Nc drilling machining center
DL - 1350 drilling machining center
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The number of the product, zero error rate. A CNC drilling efficiency can be equivalent to the traditional six rows drilling and production efficiency of four to five (limited to small customized products). Can and popular elements on the market at present software seamless docking, the realization of digital production of custom furniture. For custom furniture industrial digital production, provides the reliable device can replace the imported similar products country. Meet the needs of the masses of small and medium-sized furniture enterprises, liberated the labor force, improve the quality of the product configuration.


Technical parameters:



Working Zone:(X Y Z)


Cutting accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy






Boring Unit


29 multi-drill L arrangement


Working table

Modularity vacuum table

Command Code

G code,F/S Command Compatible

Electrical components

French Schneider

Driving system

Japan servo motor

Control system

Taiwan Syntec



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